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What is Jewish Noahide Law and U.S. Public Law 102-14

“Moses our Teacher was commanded by the Almighty to compel the world to accept the Commandments of the Sons of Noah. Anyone who fails to accept them is executed.” – Mishneh Torah (Rambam), Laws of Kings and Wars, 8.13
 What are the Jewish Noahide Laws, and why does America need to repeal Public Law 102-14?  To answer these questions, let’s take a look at the law itself as it is cataloged in the Library of Congress. Let’s also research Noahide Law and get its definition from a reputable source.

What Is Public Law 102-14?

Public Law 102-14 was signed into law by George H. W. Bush
and is cataloged at the Library of Congress

On March 20th 1991, the United States Congress passed H.J Res 104, which was then signed into law by President George H. W. Bush and became Public Law No. 102-14. The language of the law asserts that the "Seven Noahide Laws" are the ethical values of civilized society and are the basis on which the American nation was founded and that without these Seven Noahide Laws society stands in peril. It is also stated that it is our nation's "responsibility" to transmit these "ethical values" to the generations of the future and that in the future the President of the United States will sign an "international scroll" pledging to return the world to the Seven Noahide Laws through education and charity. The law also celebrates the birthday of one Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, who along with this organization has been dedicated to spreading and fostering the Seven Noahide Laws in society. 

Notice the law is written in a very creative way, it states the Seven Noahide Laws are the "foundation" upon which American was founded, couldn't someone argue that this statement makes the Noahide Laws actionable and enforceable? The law says it is our responsibility to transmit the values of these Seven Noahide Laws to the nation, could this be interpreted to mean we must begin education programs? The law also promises that our President will sign an "international scroll" pledging to return the world the values of the Noahide Laws, along with other heads of state; could this proclamation ever supersede American law? Before discussing what the Noahide Laws are, please take a moment to read Public Law No. 102-14 in full from the American Library of Congress website:
“Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded; Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws; Whereas without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos; Whereas society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society; Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of this Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future; Whereas the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world; Whereas Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch movement, is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991; Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, `the rebbe’, this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of `education and giving’, the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws; and Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state: Now, therefore, be it 
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That March 26, 1991, the start of the ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide Lubavitch movement, is designated as `Education Day, U.S.A.'. The President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Vice President of the United States and
President of the Senate.

– Public Law 102-14, Library of Congress Website (Please Google “Public Law 102-14, Library of Congress”)

Who Is Rabbi Schneerson? 

Public Law 102-14 also commemorates the birth of 
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson 
who promoted the Noahide Laws.
But what are the "Seven Noahide Laws"? How can we know what the law is asking of us if the Seven Noahide Laws have not been explained? One clue to this mystery lays in the fact that the law commemorates the birth of a Rabbi, Rabbi Schneerson; is it possible the Seven Noahide Laws have something to do with Judaism? Who is Rabbi Schneerson? Rabbi Schneerson is an extremely controversial Rabbi as he has stated that non-Jewish souls are "satanic" and that non-Jews have no other purpose than to serve Jews who are the reason for creation, the Rabbi believes this ownership on the part of Jews goes so far as that Jews own the fetus of non-Jews and thus non-Jews may not have abortions as the unborn child is Jewish property; Jews, however, are not punished for abortions since the adult Jew is the meaning of creation above the fetus of a Jew (here). This law is already offensive as it praises a Rabbi who obviously hates non-Jews, but what are the Seven Noahide Laws? To answer this question I turned to a respected source on the Jewish religion, the 1906 Jewish encyclopedia.

The 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia

Josh Kopelman is a reputable Jewish entrepreneur.
His Kopelman Foundation is responsible for
digitizing the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia.
The 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia is an English language encyclopedia originally published in New York between 1901 and 1906 by Funk and Wagnalls, under the full title “The Jewish encyclopedia; a descriptive record of the history, religion, literature, and customs of the Jewish people from the earliest times to the present day.” It contains over 15,000 articles in 12 volumes on the history and then-current state of Judaism and the Jews.[A] Fortunately, the entire 12 volumes of the Jewish Encyclopedia has been uploaded online by The Kopelman Foundation. According to their website, one of the Kopelman Foundation’s missions is to “advance a deeper understanding of Judaism — its traditions, values and history — and help Jewish organizations make a positive contribution to contemporary public life.” [B] The Kopleman Foundation was founded by Josh Kopelman and his wife Rena Cohen. Josh Kopelman is an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist most noted for founding the website which he sold to ebay in 2002. Josh Kopleman also professes to be of the Jewish Religion. You can access his professional LinkedIn account (here). Seeing that Josh Kopleman is a professional business person, it is safe to assume that his digital version of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia is authentic and worthy of quoting. You can access all 12 volumes of the Jewish Encyclopedia at

What does the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia Say About Noahide Law?
The symbol of Noahide Law is a rainbow,
Noah's rainbow, 7 colors for 7 laws

1906 Jewish Encyclopedia

The Seven Noahide Laws: Jewish Religious Laws That Apply to All

According to the “Seven Laws” section of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia, according to Judaism all human beings are the descendants of a man named Noah who along with his family survived a worldwide flood spoken of in the Bible. “Noahide” refers to “Noah”, the supposed to be father of all of humanity according to Jewish theology. According to the encyclopedia entry, Jewish Rabbis have determined that since we are all the children of Noah, and the Noahide Laws were given to him, they are binding upon all of humanity, not just “Israelites”. The section states that these Seven Noahide Laws are not found within the Old Testament of the Bible (Torah) but were introduced later in a book called the Talmud (a Jewish holy book). According to the entry, the Seven Noahide Laws are:

1) Do Not Worship Idols
2) Do Not Blaspheme
3) Establish Courts of Justice
4) Not To Kill
5) Not To Commit Adultery
6) Not To Rob
7) Not To Eat Flesh Cut From Living Animals

According to Judaism, the Noahide Laws against blasphemy, idolatry, adultery and the command to set up “courts of justice” are mandatory upon non-Jews just as they are Israelites. These are the laws which Public Law 102-14 states America was founded upon, but isn’t America supposed to be a secular nation, with separation of Synagogue and state? Why have Jewish religious law been adopted into our legal system? The above-mentioned laws would impinge on the rights and freedoms of others. Isn’t blasphemy, questioning or disparaging of a certain religion or god freedom of speech? What about Idolatry? Isn’t it one’s right to worship in whatever way they see fit, even if this includes using idols to commune with the heavens? And then there is adultery. We don’t all believe that adultery is a sin or should be abolished. What about these “courts of justice”, are these Jewish religious courts? There are already many questions that need to be answered about Jewish Noahide Law and Public Law 102-14.
The Seven Laws.
Laws which were supposed by the Rabbis to have been binding upon mankind at large even before the revelation at Sinai, and which are still binding upon non-Jews. The term Noachian indicates the universality of these ordinances, since the whole human race was supposed to be descended from the three sons of Noah, who alone survived the Flood. Although only those laws which are found in the earlier chapters of the Pentateuch, before the record of the revelation at Sinai, should, it would seem, be binding upon all mankind, yet the Rabbis discarded some and, by hermeneutic rules or in accordance with some tradition (see Judah ha-Levi, “Cuzari,” iii. 73), introduced others which are not found there. Basing their views on the passage in Gen. ii. 16, they declared that the following six commandments were enjoined upon Adam: (1) not to worship idols; (2) not to blaspheme the name of God; (3) to establish courts of justice; (4) not to kill; (5) not to commit adultery; and (6) not to rob (Gen. R. xvi. 9, xxiv. 5; Cant. R. i. 16; comp. Seder ‘Olam Rabbah, ed. Ratner, ch. v. and notes, Wilna, 1897; Maimonides, “Yad,” Melakim, ix. 1). A seventh commandment was added after the Flood—not to eat flesh that had been cut from a living animal (Gen. ix. 4). Thus,the Talmud frequently speaks of “the seven laws of the sons of Noah,” which were regarded as obligatory upon all mankind, in contradistinction to those that were binding upon Israelites only (Tosef., ‘Ab. Zarah, ix. 4; Sanh. 56a et seq.).

While many additions were made to these laws by some of the tannaim—e.g., the prohibitions against eating the blood of a living animal, against the emasculation of animals, against sorcery, against pairing animals of different species, and against grafting trees of different kinds (ib. 56b)—so that in one place thirty Noachian laws are mentioned (Ḥul. 92a; comp. Yer. ‘Ab. Zarah ii. 1), the prevalent opinion in the Talmud is that there are only seven laws which are binding upon all mankind. In another baraita (Tanna debe Menasseh) the seven Noachian prohibitions are enumerated as applying to the following: (1) idolatry, (2) adultery, (3) murder, (4) robbery, (5) eating of a limb cut from a living animal, (6) the emasculation of animals, (7) the pairing of animals of different species (Sanh. 56b).

Punishment For Breaking Any Of The Seven Laws: Death By Decapitation

In the section “Laws Before Sinai” the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia states that with few exceptions, the breaking of the Jewish Noahide Laws is punishable by death by decapitation. We also learn that Noahide Law sets up a two-tier legal system, one for Jews and one for non-Jews. “Noachids”, non-Jews who have willingly accepted these laws (sometimes known as Ger Toshav if they live inside the borders of Israel), are subjected to a different and less fair legal system than Jews. A Noachid/Ger Toshav can be sentenced to death with only one witness and by one judge (implying Jews are required more judges and witnesses to be condemned to death). Also, unlike Jews, the Noachid is not entitled to an official warning for their first transgression of the law. Noachids may be executed if they blaspheme even using a substitute for the name of god, but Jews must use the full official name of god when blaspheming to be condemned to death. Condemning someone to death for not following Jewish religious law is extreme and has nothing to do with American law. Also, there is an obvious inequality before the law, non-Jews are put at a disadvantage under Jewish Noahide Law in regards to trial and execution. Why has this law been enshrined in the US Federal Government? Why is it stated to be the “foundation” of our civilization? Why does the law beseech us to transmit the “values” of these Jewish Noahide Laws to the next generation of Americans and the world? Aren’t we supposed to stand for equality and justice for all?
Laws Before Sinai.
With regard to the other laws which are mentioned in the Book of Genesis and which were not included among the Noachian laws, as, for instance, circumcision and the prohibition against eating of the “sinew that shrank,” the Rabbis laid down the following principle: “Every law that was enjoined upon the Noachidæ and was repeated at Sinai is meant to apply both to Israelites and to non-Israelites; laws that were enjoined upon the Noachidæ and were not repeated at Sinai apply to Israelites only” (Sanh. 59a; R. Jose ben Ḥanina; comp. Bacher, “Ag. Pal. Amor.” i. 430 and note). By this principle a number of the pre-Sinaitic laws were excluded from the Noachian laws, although it required a great deal of speculative reasoning to make this principle apply to all cases (Sanh. 59b).  
In the elaboration of these seven Noachian laws, and in assigning punishments for their transgression, the Rabbis are sometimes more lenient and sometimes more rigorous with Noachidæ than with Israelites. With but a few exceptions, the punishment meted out to a Noachid for the transgression of any of the seven laws is decapitation, the least painful of the four modes of execution of criminals (see Capital Punishment). The many formalities of procedure essential when the accused is an Israelite need not be observed in the case of the Noachid. The latter may be convicted on the testimony of one witness, even on that of relatives, but not on that of a woman. He need have had no warning (“hatra’ah”) from the witnesses; and a single judge may pass sentence on him (ib. 57a, b; “Yad,” l.c. ix. 14). With regard to idolatry, he can be found guilty only if he worshiped an idol in the regular form in which that particular deity is usually worshiped; while in the case of blasphemy he may be found guilty, even when he has blasphemed with one of the attributes of God’s name—an action which, if committed by an Israelite, would not be regarded as criminal (ib. 56b; see Blasphemy).

“Courts of Justice”

According to the “Procedure” section, Noachids/Ger Toshav (which are all people of the world) are required to establish approved courts of justice in every city and province to judge people according to Noahide Laws and warn them against transgressions. But Noahide Law is Jewish religious law, why should non-Jews be required to set up courts to enforce Jewish Law? American courts are required to follow constitutional law, wouldn’t Public Law 102-14 create a conflict with this principle? If brought to the Supreme Court could Public Law 102-14 be ruled to supersede the Constitution, could the legal argument be made that we need to amend to Constitution to humor these laws? The section continues and further stipulations are made about the second-class status of Noachids (non-Jews). Jews who murder other people indirectly (i.e. “staving him”) are not sentenced to death, but Noachids are. Noachids are executed for stealing less than the smallest denomination of money while Jews are executed only for stealing larger amounts. Is this the kind of “justice” we are supposed to uphold in our courts?
The Noachidæ are required to establish courts of justice in every city and province; and these courts are to judge the people with regard to the six laws and to warn them against the transgression of any of them (ib.; “Yad,” l.c. ix. 14, x. 11; comp. Naḥmanides on Gen. xxxiv. 13, where the opinion is expressed that these courts should judge also cases other than those coming under the head of the six laws, as, for example, larceny, assault and battery, etc.). In the case of murder, if the Noachid slay a child in its mother’s womb, or kill a person whose life is despaired of (“ṭerefah”), or if he cause the death of a person by starving him or by putting him before a lion so that he can not escape, or if he slay a man in self-defense, the Noachid is guilty of murder and must pay the death-penalty, although under the same circumstances an Israelite would not be executed (ib. 57b; “Yad,” l.c. ix. 4; comp. “Kesef Mishneh,” ad loc.).

Only six cases of what would ordinarily be illicit connection are forbidden to the Noachid: (1) with mother; (2) with father’s wife, even after the father’s death; (3) with a married woman, whether married to a Jew or to a non-Jew; (4) with sister by the same mother; (5) pederasty; (6) bestiality. In these cases also there are differences in the punishment inflicted, dependent upon whether the offenses are committed by a Noachid or by an Israelite (see “Yad,” l.c. ix. 5-8). The Noachid is punished with decapitation for all kinds of robbery, whether from a Jew or from a non-Jew, even though the article stolen is worth less than a peruṭah (the smallest Palestinian coin, for less than which no case can be instituted against an Israelite). The Noachid is executed also if he eat of a limb cut from a living animal, even though the quantity consumed be less than the size of an olive (the minimum portion for the eating of which an Israelite may be punished; “Yad,” l.c. ix. 9-13).

Secondary Status Of Noahides (Non-Jews)

In the “Special Exception” category it is further elaborated that a Noachid is not executed if he commits a crime unwittingly, but ignorance of the Law does not excuse him. A Noachid who: kills another Noachid, practices adultery with another Noachid, blasphemes or practices idolatry may be spared from execution if they convert to full Judaism. However, they cannot escape execution even upon conversion if they killed a Jew or practice adultery with a Jew. Those who willingly follow the Noahide Laws are regarded as “domiciled aliens”, “pious of the Gentiles”. Evidence that the Noahide Laws are to be implemented everywhere comes from the ending of the entry where foreign Babylon is chastised for not following all Seven Noahide Laws, a nation that existed on the other side of the Euphrates river and beyond the boundaries of Israel. Finally, we are told that in the “Messianic Age”, the Noachids will accept Torah and becomes Jews, but then rebel against it. Noahide Law obviously has everything to do with the Jewish religion and it is also obviously very biased in favor of Jewish people and biased against non-Jews. It is no surprise that Rabbi Schneerson who is applauded in Public Law 102-14 dedicated much of his life spreading acceptance of these laws and that his Jewish followers worked to have these laws very carefully entered into federal law.
Special Exceptions.
The Noachid is free from punishment if he commits a sin unwittingly; ignorance of the Law, however, does not excuse him. If he commits a sin under duress, even one for which an Israelite is obliged to undergo martyrdom rather than transgress (e.g., idolatry, adultery, or murder), he is not liable to punishment (Mak. 9a; Sanh. 74b; “Yad,” l.c. x. 1, 2; comp. “Leḥem Mishneh” and “Kesef Mishneh,” ad loc.). A Noachid who slays another Noachid, or worships idols, or blasphemes, or has illicit connection with the wife of another Noachid, and then becomes a proselyte, is free from punishment. If, however, he has killed an Israeli (Sanh. 71b; “Yad,” l.c. x. 4).
A Noachid who wishes to observe any of the laws of the Torah is not prevented from doing so. With regard to the prohibition against a Noachid studying the Law or observing the Sabbath, see Gentile in Relation to Jews.

He who observed the seven Noachian laws was regarded as a domiciled alien (, ‘Ab. Zarah 64b; see Proselyte), as one of the pious of the Gentiles, and was assured of a portion in the world to come (Tosef., Sanh. xiii. 1; Sanh. 105a; comp. ib. 91b; “Yad,” l.c. viii. 11). In Talmudic times the non-Jews of Babylon were apparently sunk in the grossest immorality, so that ‘Ula, one of the earlierBabylonian amoraim, complains that out of the thirty laws (see above) which the Noachidæ accept they observe only three—they do not write a marriage contract (“ketubah”) for pederasty; they do not sell human flesh in their shops; and they show respect for the Torah (Ḥul. 92b).

In the Messianic age the Noachidæ will accept all the laws of the Torah, although later they will again reject them (Yer. ‘Ab. Zarah ii. 1).

Hamburger, R. B. T. ii., s.v. Noachiden;
Hirschfeld, Pflichten und Gesetze der Noachiden, in Kobak’s Jeschurun, iv. 1-19;
Levinsohn, Zerubbabel, ii. 74-87, Warsaw, 1878;
Weber, System der Altsynag. Paläst. Theologie, § 56, Leipsic, 1880;
Zweifel, Sanegor, pp. 269 et seq., Warsaw, 1894.

Why Do We Want To Repeal Public Law 102-14?

Public Law 102-14 is a religious law, a Jewish religious law, and in the United States, we work under a government where there is an official separation of Synagogue and State. Public Law 102-14 defines the Seven Noahide Laws as the “foundation” of our civilization, even though there is no evidence that the United States was founded on Jewish Law. The law also requires we transmit the “ethics” of Jewish Noahide Law to the next generation and encourage other nations to adopt the Seven Noahide Laws as well. Noahide Law is not just religious law, it is also very discriminatory and biased. The law abolishes “idolatry”, “blasphemy” and “adultery” on pain of death, but these are Jewish supremacist rules, not humane or even logical rules. It also requires that all people of the world set up “courts of justice” to enforce these discriminatory laws, Noahide religious courts, not secular courts. Beyond this, Noahide Law is extremely biased in favor of Jewish people, providing them with special dispensations and greater legal protection against prosecution and execution than it does non-Jews (Noachids). These are the reasons why we need to Stop Noahide Law and repeal Public Law 102-14.

Works Sited

[A] “The Jewish Encyclopedia”. New York Times. August 16, 1902. Retrieved March 17, 2014.
[C] Laws, Noachian. 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia.


  1. I believe that the favoritism applied to Jews can only be carried out by a jewish court at the time of the Temple in Jerusalem, especially capital cases. Jewish High Court (the Sanhedrin) only heard capital cases at the time of the Temple in Jerusalem.

  2. "Adultery" in Noahide laws, include all kinds of forbidden sexual behavior (not clear if extramarital sex with Noahides is included). That would include bestiality and homosexuality.

    1. Hug 😑
      The world is deep truble with " the culture he sex "
      God have mercy!

    2. Tor: but which allows sexual intercourse with female babies younger than 3 yrs. and boys younger than 9.

  3. I see your point about the Noahide laws conflicting with the separation of Church and State.

  4. I would like to add a positive aspect of the Noahide Laws that you may have overlooked. It is the only religion that doesn't have a "convert or die" clause. It only addresses specific behaviors.


    1. “Moses our Teacher was commanded by the Almighty to compel the world to accept the Commandments of the Sons of Noah. Anyone who fails to accept them is executed.” – Mishneh Torah (Rambam), Laws of Kings and Wars, 8.13

    2. Stop the games, Christians are considered idolatrous blasphemous goy in your tolerant Talmud. You know, the book that says he is boiling in excrement.

    3. Christians are not Bound by the old Laws. We received the New Testament. So thru haven't made anything enforceable. It's a pipe dream. An honor of sorts. But we are not Bound by it. Those are the laws that will prevent them meeting the maker. It's is not accepting Christ. All of those same laws are already made into our laws... Always have been. They are nasic civility. Look...gaff to start somewhere with a "base" to build on.

    4. Noachide laws are not legislated as such. They are a moral basis for much of our legal system. Do you really have a problem with the forbidding of murder? Obviously in today's world, no one cares about idolatry or adultery, except those with strong Biblical values. And no one is going to arrest adulterers, though they hurt a lot of people. Also, these are not "Jewish" laws, but Biblical laws, as the Bible is the origin for them. Additionally, Talmud includes many statements that are not facts nor accepted beliefs, but are arguments about Biblical law. It should never be quoted out of context.

    5. This whole thing is a deception ; The truth is the apartheid state { Israel } is trying to establish a Judicial hegemony in the world according to the "SPOKEN " law { the Talmud } These "laws" are introduce to establish a basses for legal decimation of this GARBAGE into the education systems. So these " people " can " teach " THE HEATHEN " [you] that Jews are God's chosen people and the REST OF HUMANITY are sub-human , and are to be adjudicated under TALMUDIC LAW .

    6. To respond to Chanah...noahide laws are NOT biblical whatsoever and talmudic. You obviously are lying to (baba kamma 113a) the goyims here. If these laws are put into place they will kill people according to their religious bias's whether you care or not. Your statement gives you away because this is what is done, you argue that the talmud is just debates arguing for sides of opinions of the rabbis BUT established halakhah (religious LAWS) because of them so don't dismiss it as"not accepted beliefs" or not "facts" when they live them, follow them as such. Your argument is garbage. It's NOT biblical whatsoever.

    7. I am just now learning about these Noahide laws. Why this action went through Congress and then signed by President Bush is unsettling.
      Obviously there are those whom are seeking to lay the foundation for a much larger body of influence.
      Nature hates a vacuum and there is a rather large one here in America. This brings us to a precipice in MOHO where the Noahide laws will fill the void created by the continued assault on our Constitution and the push by the ignorant to a theocracy.
      Looks like it will happen after the failure of this Oligarchy that America has degenerated into.

    8. I am just now learning about these Noahide laws. Why this action went through Congress and then signed by President Bush is unsettling.
      Obviously there are those whom are seeking to lay the foundation for a much larger body of influence.
      Nature hates a vacuum and there is a rather large one here in America. This brings us to a precipice in MOHO where the Noahide laws will fill the void created by the continued assault on our Constitution and the push by the ignorant to a theocracy.
      Looks like it will happen after the failure of this Oligarchy that America has degenerated into.

    9. Noahide laws are for all gentiles all mankind this is not just living a moral life people wake up for crying out loud. Repeal this law immediately. Trust traitor Bush to do this.

    10. CHanah: "Thou shalt not kill" - doesn't seem to apply to the protection of non-jews, because israel is killing Palestinians of all ages, right and well as pushing the U.S. for wars for israel.

    11. NaSSko, of cource not. The very same word goy //which means children of the Earth Gaia// is equated to animal for slaughter.
      Generally the jews has traditionally been traders, slave traders specifically.

  5. Ashkenazi Jews are considered White people because they are. They are Gentile converts to Judaism. In fact they dominate world Jewry as the largest and most powerful minority group of Jews of which the infamous Rothschild dynasty (who dominate world finance) belongs (Hitler was part of that family). Are you beginning to see the power of this bloodline? The most influential Hasidic fundamentalist Jews known as Chabad Lubavitch are also Ashkenazi. This group introduced Noahide laws into the U.S. justice system as part of an Education Day celebration honoring their leader, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson which is a yearly event since Ronald Reagan (1988) with Trump having done the honors for this year as the following link shows.
    Trump Declares Rebbe’s Birthday ‘Education Day USA’

    On the matter of Ashkenazi being White Gentile converts to Judaism see Genesis 10 (Noah's Nations) of the old testament of the Bible which says Ashkenazi are descendants of Noah's son Japheth and his son Gomer who are described there as Gentiles (non-Jews). To be a biological Jew one must come from Noah's other son Shem (Shemite/Semite). If the Bible is true, Ashkenazi are Japhethite/Gomerites, not Semites. DNA testing that says different are likely false.

    Further to the aforementioned, if the DNA testing claims are true then the Bible is false. Suppose science disproved the Bible and with it the existence of God. It’s not very highly likely that’s going to happen.

    1. They "White" because you say they are?

      Newsflash: THe jews hav said blatantly,that they are NOT White.

      In fact, they have said themselves, in their self-written scriptures, that they are "A People unto themselves," said this millennia ago.

      THey are BOTH a religion AND a Race.

    2. NO, they are neither a race nor a religion!!

    3. "Im Not White I'm Jewish" -

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. That’s true. So if you are a believer in Yeshua, off comes your head.

    1. Thank you! At least one True believer. I've already adjusted to the fact that, should i be alive, I will be decapitated for Y'eshua by One World Religion/Government "demons" using such ancient drivel to legitimize 100s of millions of beheadings.
      "These are those who have washed their robes in the Blood of The Lamb." Y'eshua Hamashiach.

  8. So these people are the jews that are not Jews? The synagogue of Satan with the lifting up of the Talmud over the Torah. Revelation of the Book of Revelation is flowing. Now the Holy Spirit is making it clearer than before about not renouncing Jesus will requrire our heads. Wow! Thank you Lord.

    1. exactly. This is the anti-Christ religion / book of Revelation starting to come to pass. there's no question.

    2. No doubt. I am a student of Rev. for 52 years. This is it kids.
      These guys are bound for Eternal damnation. Hope we meet before
      we go UP! If not , see you there! Glad to know I have companions; so few Christians know what's going on.

  9. No wonder FEMA piles up thousands of coffins . I was watching many videos about. And look at Walmart camps. Why?
    I'm ready .

  10. The probability that this law was ever included in America's legal system...
    is to be used as needed in the fulfilling of prophecy. I would definitely vote against it if opportunity presented itself...
    However the more urgent need is for all people(s) to acknowledge Jesus as the son of God who died to pay the debt for your's & my sins; who after being dead 3 days God raised from the grave to be the first of many who would be clothed with righteousness to have personal relationship with God Almighty. Only by acknowledgment and acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior can a person experience the true God. Amen
    Brother Michael

  11. As a member of I am taking this up at all levels of US Govt and my state . Actually just got off phone w Legal counsel at WV Gov office ..they will look into & possibly file Federal Lawsuit this . I also found a 93 page pdf from AIPAC Lawyers w next step to challenge US Citizenship ..if ur Not Noahide compliant then you lose ur US Citizenship and All Isrealites then get Citizenship in ur place .
    Conspiracy confirmed as Fact
    Also every Pres since GWB have signed the UN agreement Promising to find a way to remove the 2nd amendment ='s Treason & Capitol Offense
    UN agenda 21/30
    Noahide plans explain Deagle report showing US population reduced to 87 million by 2025
    Panel of 23 Jewish Judges No Jury
    Noahide does Not qualify as Natural Law as they claim either .
    Natural/Universal Laws exist Outside of Religion
    To condemn 99% of world pop to Probable
    Execution is Horrible
    God handed down 6 Laws Hwvr Rabbi's
    Pushed 7
    If you are not Judaic or a Christain prthodox convert they Do plan to Kill you All . Plain & Simple
    Humamitarian Laws Shattered
    Us Constitution Shredded
    They also claim Isreali Supreme Court to be Now Higher than US Supreme Court
    Feel free to Fact check me
    I recommend everyone to Raise Havoc over this at All levels .
    State, Fed , Country & internationally
    Note safest places on planet
    Russia & inside Vatican City
    All UN Countries Know about this and
    UN agenda 21/30
    It's all connected
    Pope now pulling in Islam & Mormons in preparation for Worldwide Holy War .
    Do your Duty & speak up
    I am inline w the 6 Laws as I understand them . Already was
    I'm talking abuse of Law
    And their plans
    I care not personally Who you call God or don't have any .
    I Believe and Obey God's will as
    Practice before all of this
    It's not difficult at all to
    Be in compliance w 6 of the garbage 7th addition by Man .
    Law is Law
    Plain & Simple Abuse of Congress
    And Unconstitutional
    This is a Criminal Conspiracy Fact
    The @DOJ know this too
    Scotus knows too
    I do not dislike Jews in general
    I am Not racially biased either
    This Shreds the US Constitution and makes Watergate look like nothing in comparison .
    Those 4 GOP Congressman ought to be brought up on Federal indictment too
    In my meager opinion

    1. thank you for you activism, can you send me that AIPAC document?

    2. can you send me the AIPAC document

    3. Thank you for sharing this this is very informative. is there any petition started against the noahide laws that you know of? My email is I am interested in finding out all I can about this. I don't think this is a good thing and I read some of the comments below. this is very serious not something to be taken lightly I can't believe some of the responses that you got to this article. This is right on. Thank you so much and please keep doing what you're doing. If you find any updates on this can you please share again? Yah bless u

    4. March 19 2019 at 1:00 You are so very right Law is Law and before all go before God I believe it is very important to correct your nationality that was stolen from us at birth without our knowledge or consent.If you do not it means you do support wrong and evil oh and the Noahide laws. Can you go before God and know the truth but did nothing? Pray and he will show you the way. It is not easy.

    5. I hope you realize that the US has left the UN and I hope that Mr.Bruno stops with his anti semetic bs. You people really need to read the law yourselves. It says nothing about making the 7 Noahlaws actual law. It only talks about the 7 Noahlaws and declares March 26, 1991 a day of education to celebrate the birthday of Rabbi Menachem Scheerson since he is a prominent figure. The US has adopted aspects of the 7 Noahlaws just like they have adopted aspects of many other religions. Get your facts straight and quit trying to spread hate.

  12. I really dont see what the big deal is. Its basically 7 of the 10 commandments. None of the Noahide laws are bad or hard to obey.

    1. This discussion is a bunch of conspiracy propaganda poppycock, Noachide laws are not in any govt anywhere and they do not prescribe capital punishment for failure to obey them. No one is under any obligation to take these on. Jews were supposed to teach them to the world, but not enforce them. There is a huge difference. Reject away- that's your choice.

    2. The info is out there please look a little harder it should open your eyes. Good luck

    3. Really the first one is the worst... put no other God before me they don't consider Jesus as God. See that's what we get for not reading the word of God.

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  15. It's much worse than you think. Visit for the full expose of the coming Qabbalist deception that has been underway since 1840.

    A false 'messiah' is coming who will deceive the whole world and exalt Talmudic/Qabbalistic Judaism. The Noahide laws will be enforced and anyone who resists will be executed. See Revelation 13:10; compare Revelation 20:4 ("beheaded").

    Don't say you weren't warned.

  16. Thank you so much for this wonderful comment

  17. Satan loves this, chaos and order rolled up into Anti-Christian laws.

    1. Yes i agree they are trying to take away the fact that people believed that Jesus came as a man and died for our sins and push the judgement upon men thinking they doing God a favor that mess just going to lead to alot of beheadings but still in Jesus i trust His blood was all we needed and still need people need to wake up go the cross before its to late it still time


  18. The way to deal with neo-Nazi Israel and the BDS is to treat Israel with disdain and shun all those that support its crimes. Eventually this will force Israel to start obeying the law and return to its legally defined 1948 borders and stop killing Palestinians men women and children and thereby start acting less like a rogue criminal terrorist state that routinely commits war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and Apartheid in order to steal land and resources belonging to other countries.

  19. I'm a non-religious American Jew brought up with a slight bit of exposure to some Reform Judaism (very liberal people, mostly). I think 1.) It's nuts that something overtly religious/theological was voted into law. 2.) These Lubavitch rabbis can do their own thing in their own community/scene but they should not be proposing laws that get passed by US gov't. 3.) These 7 laws do mostly seem to be things that religious Christians pretty much also think/agree with, more or less, BUT things like this shouldn't be law (except of course murder, stealing, etc.) Americans have the right to "blaspheme" or use whatever speech to support or disparage any religious belief. Government laws cannot enforce or favor belief in God. These 7 laws are beyond unnecessary and should be abolished by a vote.

  20. Sons and Heirs

    26For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. 27For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. 28There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. 29And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

    Galatians 3:28.

  21. "You brood of vipers; Come here to avoid the coming wrath, did you?" "I tell you that from these stones God can raise up children of Abraham." {If He so wishes}. (John The Baptist). "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan." Rev: 2--9 (Y'eshua) to all in long suffering and Wisdom.

  22. My name is Cheryl D. Uzamere. I am in the process of filing a petition for a writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court. I uploaded to petition, index, emergency motion and all the documents that I filed with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to

    My petition alleges that New York State's Israel Anti-Boycott Law has its basis in the Babylonian Talmudic Law of Moser, that prohibits individuals from reporting the crimes of Ashkenazi Jews to the secular authorities. My petition also alleges that the real purpose of the Israel Anti-Boycott/Anti-BDS legislation is to hide the the Ashkenazi Jewish community's organic affliction with pedophilia.

    The caption of my lawsuit is Cheryl D. Uzamere v. The State of New York, et al.

    At present, there are now about 25-27 states that have adopted the Israel Anti-Boycott law. New York is one of them. My lawsuit concerns the rape of my son by Ashkenazi Jew while my son was a six-year-old boy in their foster care system, and New York State's use of its Israel Anti-Boycott/Anti-BDS law to hides acts of pedophilia by Ashkenazi Jews. Ashkenazi Jews have an organic predisposition for pedophilia (see History of Abuse and Organic Difficulties in a Convenience Sample of 46 Ultra-orthodox Males with Pedophilia,

    The Noahide Law are a vector for Ashkenazi pedophilia and sexual sadism. The buck-breaking death of George Floyd is approved by the Babylonian Talmud. The use of anti-black racism, and the enforcement of Noahide Laws are just tools used to engage in violent acts, including murder for sex-crazed Ashkenazi Jews.

    In experience disseminating this information to Ashkenazi Jews, not one of them has disagreed with me. I beg all of you to disseminate this information to as many individuals as you can. If you want to repeal Public Law 102-14, let the Ashkenazim know that you are going to tell as many people as you can about their addiction to engaging in gang-rape of children, and sexually sadistic domestic terrorism against nonconsenting adult to recreate the outrage associated with anally gang-raping children.

    Conventional Sins/Yedid Nephesh (Beloved Soul) ( is a film exposing the sexual abuse of children in the ultra-Orthodox community. A decade after he was banished from the Hasidic community he grew up in, Meilech reopens the diary he wrote when he was 15. The diary describes the abuse he went through at the hands of a network of ultra-Orthodox pedophiles. Together with a group of young actors who themselves grew up in the Hasidic community, Meilech attempts to reconstruct parts of the diary and tell his story, which the Hasidic community did everything to silence. Winner of Best Documentary of the Jerusalem Film Festival.

    Repeal Public Law 102-14. It is a vector for Babylonian Talmud-sponsored pedophilia.

    Thank you.

    Cheryl D. Uzamere

  23. Why don't you quote the end of the bill which says as below:

    Now, therefore, be it

    Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That March 26, 1991, the start of the ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide Lubavitch movement, is designated as Education Day U.S.A The President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

    Approved March 20, 1991.

    Signed by George Bush,

    President of the United States of America

    So it's seams it's a day celebrating education, where is the text about the law ? please send me the link if you have it.
    Thanks a lot in advance

    1. Please see here Noahide Law was purposely titled "education" rather than religion to have the bill passed, it is deceptive:

  24. Dear Mr. Ashkenazi Spy:

    If you wish to receive answers from me, you'd better reveal who you are. A person who approaches anyone under the cover of a mask is inherently wicked and engaged in some form of amoral or illegal activity. You have my contact information. Call me. If you don't see the need in revealing who you are, I don't see the need in answering.

    Except for one thing: The Ashkenazim have a problem with pedophilia. That is a medical fact. Why are you in hiding? Also, please read: Come and Hear, Sex with Children by Talmud Rules,