Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Islam fulfills the Noahide vision says Jewish delegation to Al-Azhar Muslim University

In January of 2016, Professor Omer Salem of the Egyptian Al-Azhar Muslim University wrote an article in the Israeli National News where he stated that he and colleagues at the world respected University agreed that Islam and the Noahide Laws are compatible and synonymous, that Muslims may fall under the restrictions of the Noahide Laws by practicing Sharia Law (here). In April of that same year, US-Israeli Rabbi Yakov Nagen traveled to Al-Azhar University to meet with other faculty members, in this meeting Rabbi Nagen stated that Jews have a role to awaken humanity to the ethics of the Noahide Laws, and he stated that Islam is a fulfillment of that vision. Like Jewish Noahide Law, Muslim Sharia Law is known for its practices of beheading Christian, pagans, atheists, homosexuals, blasphemers and more, so it makes sense that Islam can and is viewed as an extension of Noahidism. There are also movements in American of Noahide supporting Jews who wish to help Muslims establish Sharia Courts just as Jews already have Halacha Courts (here). If Islamic Sharia Law is Noahide Law, and Muslims are willing to share their sword, the imposition of world Noahide Law and its mass beheadings could be closer than any of us think, and they would literally have millions of armies in almost every nation on earth. 


For West Bank rabbi, a rare and risky trip to Cairo’s ivory tower of Islam

With Islamic skullcap and large beard helping to obscure his Jewish identity, though twice confronted by Egyptian police, US-born Israeli visits Al-Azhar University to meet world’s top Sunni scholars

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