Wednesday, April 3, 2019

How to spot pre-Noahides and crypto-Noahides


The identifying characteristic of a crypto-Noahide is a radical and abnormal inability to accept criticism of Noahide Law
How exactly does one become a Noahide?  Most Jewish experts usually consider a person a Noahide after they have made a vow to follow the Jewish Noahide Laws under the guidance of a Rabbi.  However, it seems as though there is much debate as to whether a person needs a Rabbi or not to become or Noahide or to work for the acceptance of Noahide Law.  According to Jewish tradition, the Noahide Laws were practice by the people after Noah and before the creation of Israel. The people of Babel are said to have been punished because they did not follow the Noahide Laws, and there was no Israel and no Jews at that time so it would seem that non-Jews should be attempting to create a Noahide state with or without the guidance of Jews. 

Today there are many Noahides and Noahide organizations which openly proclaim who and what they are, however, just like with any ideology, some people and groups are not as public with their agendas.  What is a pre-Noahide?  Though the term pre-Noahide does not exist in Judaism it serves to identify a certain type of person who has not yet officially become a Noahide but is one for all intensive mental, emotional and spiritual purposes.  We have all had the experience where we encounter an idea we have never heard of before, but as soon as we learn of it we immediately know it is for us, that we resonate with it, and we are here to advance and defend it.  

A pre-Noahide is someone who has not heard of the Noahide Laws until the moment you bring it up, but as soon as they learn of them they know they agree with them and must defend them at all costs. Some pre-Noahides will go on to make formal oaths before Rabbis, but some will simply remain self-radicalized.  Those who choose not to specifically state they are Noahides but advance the Noahide agenda regardless can be called crypt-Noahides. Here is how to spot them:

Signs someone is a pre-Noahide/crypto-Noahide:
  • Cannot admit you have any legitimate reasons to be concerned about Noahide Law
  • Won't concede that religious law should not be encoded into any federal law, but only as long as it is Jewish Noahide Law; they obviously understand Christian or Muslim law would not be acceptable
  • They continuously ignore the Noahide commandments to kill blasphemers, idolaters and those who practice "sexual immorality" and only focus on the laws against murder, theft and animals abuse so as to make the Noahide Laws seem moral
  • Will excuse Noahide Law because no one has yet been murdered under these laws
  • Will cite the general liberal character of Jews so as to say Jews would never enact these laws
  • Will say Israel is a secular state, even though Israel has Chief Rabbis and many religious laws
  • Will say either most Jews don't know about the Noahide Laws or don't believe in them, despite the fact that Noahide Law is widely publicized in Jewish Press and religious websites
  • Will say the Noahide Laws are general or natural morality that all people agree upon or that they are "Natural Law"
  • Will say the Noahide Laws are the same as the Ten Commandments even though Noahide Law calls for the decapitation of Christians who do not consider themselves idolators
  • Say the Noahide Laws don't apply to you or your people (which is likely untrue) and will also ignore if you are concerned it could negatively affect another group or try to demonize that group
  • Will never legitimize your concern no matter how much evidence is presented, the key identification of a pre-Noahide/crypto-Noahide is a radical refusal to even allow the Noahide Laws to be negatively questioned or defamed 
  • Trivializes pro-Noahide/anti-Gentile statements made by Jewish groups and individuals no matter how mainstream or official
  • Will try to convince you this could never happen since there are so few Jews and Noahides, even though the Vatican, much of the Muslim world, the United Nations, and Freemasonry have all pledged their allegiance to the Noahide cause, not to mention the general power and influence of the Nation of Israel
  • Will rarely if ever attempt to bring back the opinions of Jews they know or enter Jews into the conversation as they know this will expose both Jews and themselves
  • Will cite the benign presentation of Noahides and Noahide organizations as evidence the Noahide laws are not violent
  • Will allude to Jews being the bearers of morality and intelligence in the world, perhaps being worthy of being benevolent rulers of mankind
  • Will say the Noahide Laws are to protect Jews from anti-Semitism or will imply the rejection of the Noahide Laws itself is anti-Semitism
  • Will try to convince you that your belief system is already in line with the Noahide Laws or that if divorced from Judaism (which they are not) there is nothing wrong with them
  • Will defend unequal treatment under Noahide Law because Jews are to follow a more strict code of 613 laws while non-Jews need only follow seven and it is because Jews have more responsibility they have greater freedoms as well
  • Have an unrealistic and overly idealistic vision of Jews, Judaism, and Zionism in connection to the Noahide Laws. Jews can do no wrong and nothing negative has ever happened in the Jewish religion or history!
  • Will begin to disparage and negatively question their own race, religion, and nation in reference to the Noahide Laws, attempting to soften their seeming wickedness by making their own people look evil
  • Will try to point to other more imminent threats like Nazism, Communism, Sharia or Globalism as what we should be focusing on and not making a mountain out of a molehill about Noahide Law
  • If you are persistent they will eventually make it a topic you cannot talk about
  • Will pretend to not understand what is wrong with such obviously inflammatory statements such as Noahides referring to themselves as "animals" before Jewish Rabbis and press
  • Will begin to make absurd and insane claims such as the material presented are all forgeries or were placed there on purpose to encourage anti-Semitism
  • They may begin to suggest you are experiencing mental illness or hallucinations
  • Will always discourage further research into the topic of Noahide Law
  • If Noahide Law is taken up as an issue by official bodies or governments they will often time ignore this
  • May accuse you of being pro-Muslims, pro-Christian, pro-Homosexual or pro-Pagan if you fall into only one of these categories but not the other as the Noahide Laws would kill them, but illogically forgetting to remember they the Noahide Laws also call for your death
  • Statements made by Rabbis or official bodies will always be accepted as only proof of personal opinion and the extension of these to Judaism, in general, will never be accepted
  • Will be willing to lose friends and family over the issue
  • Will secretly demonize you as an anti-Semite, but will never say this is in reference to Noahide Law as this would expose both them and Jews
  • Will refer to Noahide Law as a "conspiracy" theory
  • Will pretend to not understand or forget simple information, ideas, and facts
  • Will remain silent when their own personal group leaders warn against the Noahide Laws
  • Does not react when others point out that their behavior is bizarre, absurd, illogical or obviously apologetic of Jewish Noahide Law, pretends to have no self-awareness in this realm when they otherwise would understand this behavior would be viewed with great suspicion if applied to any other ideology
  • Express concern that the issue of Jewish Noahide Law would lead to anti-Semitism while conspicuously ignoring any concern for Noahide Law's implications for non-Jews 


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