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American Noahide evangelists say USA "morals crashing", touts Public Law 102-14

Ray Peterson is a Noahide living in the United States.  According to Peterson "blasphemy" and "sexual immorality" are evil and must be fought. Peterson is a Noahide evangelist who runs the website In their mission statement, Noahide Nations touts American Publica Law 102-14 which states the Jewish Noahide Laws are the "foundation" upon which American society was built and that it is the US governments duty to return the United States and the world to the Noahide Laws through education (here). Noahide Nations hopes America's "education" campaign will bring about the "realization of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to fulfill" the Noahide Laws, a personal responsibility which would call upon Noahides to mass murder non-Jews via decapitation. Peterson's accusations of "sexual immorality" if Public Law 102-14 were applied, would lead to the state execution of homosexuals (here) and non-Jews who had sex outside of marriage, however it is very difficult for a Jew to be charged with adultery as Jewish men may have sex with any non-Jewish woman (even if she is married); Jewish men are only prohibited from fornicating with the wife of another Jew (here). His charge of "blasphemy" would lead to the death of Christians (here) among many other religious groups. 

Noahide: World Morality Crashing
All that is evil in the eyes of G-d must be fought,
says Ray Peterson, a Noahide living in the USA
Tamar Yonah, 17/09/08

Terrorism, murder, sexual promiscuity, blasphemy, cruelty to animals and all that is evil in the eyes of G-d must be fought, says Ray Peterson, a Noahide living in the USA.

Noahides, or the "Children of Noah," are Gentiles who believe that the Torah was given to the Jewish people by the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and adhere to the Seven Noahide Laws which were set forth in the Book of Genesis (Bereishit) and elaborated upon in the Talmud. The Noahide movement has seen a resurgence in the last decade, with non-Jews around the world espousing belief in the Torah, rejecting other religions such as Christianity, and committing to live by the Torah laws set forth for non-Jews. The Seven Noahide laws are:

Prohibition of Idolatry
Prohibition of Murder
Prohibition of Theft
Prohibition of Sexual Promiscuity, including homosexuality, adultery, and perverse acts
Prohibition of Blasphemy
Prohibition of eating the flesh of an animal which was taken while the animal is still alive
Requirement to establish Laws and Courts to exercise justice

Speaking on Israel National Radio's Weekend Edition, Peterson remembered the horrors and the lessons of September 11th in his weekly audio segment.

Peterson described the day he and his wife found out about the terror attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. He describes the shock Americans felt, and their questioning as to how G-d could let a tragedy like this happen. Peterson goes on to attribute the evil acts of September 11th to man rather than G–d, saying mankind has free will to determine whether it will do actions for Good or for Evil.

Peterson also warned listeners not to assume they are already keeping the Noahide Laws without trying, citing the example of the North American practice of eating "rocky mountain oysters," a delicacy which is gleaned during the castration of bulls while they are still living, making them not "kosher" for non-Jewish consumption.

Peterson, who runs the website, states that the way to fight evil, is to do positive actions. He describes his personal experiences of volunteering to help others and through it, being paid back many times over.

To hear the inspiring audio, click HERE.

Noahide Nations' Mission Statement Touts Public Law 102-14 And Hopes To Realize The Noahide Personal Responsibility To Fulfill Noahide Law

Noahide Nations believes that the Noahidic, or Noahide, covenant was established by G-d during the time of Noah. This covenant was not only for Noah and his children, but it was for all humankind, as all people are descendants of Noah and his three sons.

These Laws were the impetus for House Joint Resolution 447 in 1982 aka “National Day of Reflection” and again with Public Law 102-114 of the 102nd Congress aka “Education Day USA”.

In a spirit of brotherhood and peace,we will teach and spread the Universal Noahide Laws and increase the awareness of these Laws which presently are still not recognized by many humans around the world. We will teach the Seven Noahide Laws and their eternal value to uphold an ethical, moral, valuable, meaningful, truthful, and just society.

This education will lead to a positive (i.e. true) evolution of religious understanding and relationship with G-d, based on a realization of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to fulfill His Will.

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