Monday, June 22, 2020

Noahide help set up "Ask Noah" organization, rabid evangelist



Ask Noah is a forefront Jewish organization in spreading the Noahide Laws. The book they use, "The Divine Code"by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, was approved of by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and contains passages detailing the need for death for those who do not follow the Noahide Laws (here). However, it would seem Jews have no issue partnering with their Noahide converts in running these organizations as one Noahide, Chaim Reisner, seems to have dedicated his life to spreading Noahidism and aided in the building of  Ask Noah. Jews will often tell you they don't have enough numbers to implement the Noahide Laws, but they forget to mention their growing minions of converted Noahides who are just as hungry for a Noahide world as the Jews are. 

Chaim Reisner, 78, Pittsburgh

Master craftsman and chef, pioneering promoter of Seven Noahide Laws

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