Thursday, June 11, 2020

[VIDEO] Rabbi says don't save the life of unknown non-Jews... they might not follow the Noahide Laws


The cover photo of this post features an image from the book "The Rainbow Covenant" written by whom I believe is a Noahide, Michael Ellias Dallen. The cartoon shows a priest who sits on shore with a life boat, doing nothing as a person drowns in the water. According to the Noahide Law, a non-Jew is not permitted to allow another non-Jews to be in a deadly situation without trying to help them. The cartoon obviously implies that non-Jews who don't follow the Noahide Law are barbarians who do not care about human life and would allow a life to perish before their eyes. However, the Rabbi in this video below shows the blatant hypocrisy of these sentiments when he makes it absolutely clear that if a Jew finds an unknown non-Jew on the brink of death (in his example falling off a cliff), the Jew himself should not offer assistance because it is not known whether or not the non-Jew is following the Noahide Laws. The Rabbi knows that such a stance could cause animosity toward Jews, so he suggests lying (saying you can't swim to save a drowning person) in order to get out of saving the life of a non-Jew who is about to die, and he gives Jewish legal references. Appallingly hypocritical!

Don't Save The Life Of Unknow Non-Jews
They Might Not Follow Noahide Law


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