Friday, June 19, 2020

Rabbi teaches how to evolve Black social rights movement into Noahidism, and it is racist and obscene - [VIDEO]

This is obscene! I have already reported on how at least one Jew is trying to infiltrate Black social rights movements in regard to the George Floyd incident, and for what could only be a diabolical reason he is trying to equate the activity in the street with setting up Noahide courts (here)!  However, Rabbi Pincha Levin brings this to a new racist low when he tries to further link the movement with Noahidism and Jews. First, Rabbi Levin very strongly implies that the holocaust was worse than slavery. Then Levin sets out a racial vision of history where Noah had three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. Levin says the descendants of Shem (Semites) are the spiritual leaders of the world and include Jews, who are the lead spiritual leaders of the Semites; fanatical Noahidist Jews often brainwash Noahides into believing they are a special ethnic hierarchy (here & here). Then there are the descendant of Japheth (usually Europeans) who Levin says are responsible for beauty and advancement. Then, in the end he says their is Ham, who committed a great sin (sodomized Noah) and thus he and his children were cursed to be slaves; the Talmud says that this curse came with the turning of their skin black (here); Levin says the Black Hamite represent "physical" and "animalistic" energy.  Rabbi Levin's assertion is that Blacks have low self-esteem and this is why they are acting like "children" toward their "parents" in regards to certain demands such as de-funding police, to which he responds that the privileged Jews and Noahides should seek to lift them up with Noahidism. He actually dares to assert that slavery for Blacks came from god to raise them up to a higher level of humanity than what they were in Africa. His appalling vision is that the end of times must be near, because even the most physical and base of the human species are now being elevated toward Noahidism.  Then we see the total control the Rabbis desire over our lives as he teaches his Noahide student that they are to go to Rabbis to decide how much time, money and energy they will exert where in their self-serving volunteer work. 

Noahide privilege Understanding and curing systemic racism
by Rabbi Pincha Levin


  1. The Noahide laws are silent on racism.

    1. Of course not. I never discussed anything racist or any Noahide laws. This is a misunderstanding.

    2. You said the Hammites represent physical and animal nature, and yes this entire lecture was about Noahides uplifting blacks, it was all about the Noahide Laws

    3. Thank you for responding. It's impossible to come to a oneness in understanding without communication.
      First of all, I said absolutely nothing about the Noahide laws in this lesson.
      Secondly, the three different parts of existence are in all of us, as I explained. But there are three groups of humanity as the primary bearers of one quality, and are responsible to join together to bring harmony and unity.
      The quality of the physical and animalistic nature is the most important of the three and the goal of creation. To elevate our physicality to be close to God. This nature was in Cham and his descendants. It's not about black or white. That is absolutely irrelevant. It's about the potion of humanity that are lowly. The homeless. The impoverished. It is the responsibility of the spiritual portion and the worldly successful portion to care for and raise the impoverished portion to be close to God as they are. In turn, this third group are to help the other two in bringing them to the greatest accomplishment of humbling them and bringing their accomplishments even to the physical.
      It's a beautiful outlook on the entire world from the Torah. Nothing racial.
      Although I didn't discuss in this lesson the Noahide laws, you should know that they are nothing more than living with God in all 7 character traits that you are comprised of.

    4. You made it very clear you were talking about Black people as the children of Ham, Blacks are the children of Ham, yes, that does make it about race. The title of your talk included the word Noahide and you told "noahides" to uplift the children of Ham... by what means were you referring to if not Noahide Law

    5. The word Noahide means a descendant of Noach. I and you and every human being is a Noahide. Our tradition from God from Sinai is that there are guidelines for every human being how to live called the Noahide laws. I was not discussing these laws in this lesson. The title Noahide privilege I meant as one human being feeling superior over the other. I regret using that terminology as I see now how it can be misunderstood as if some people aren't Noahides. I did not mean that. I'm sorry.
      What I meant was simply that all three categories of humanity are from Noach and although we are all equal in Gods image, we all have unique characteristics in which we excel and the others need to appreciate, admire, emulate and unite. The actual color of the skin is completely irrelevant. It's the content of the heart, and there is a unique content in general to the children of Cham, which is in our tradition the highest level of humanity to elevate and recognize their unique greatness.
      I again apologize if it wasn't clear. It's a difficult and sensitive message. I tried to say it in an improved way in today's lesson.
      I'd appreciate if you could discuss with me your feelings privately. If I was out of line, I will remove the video with apologies.

  2. With all due respect you have completely misunderstood my teaching. Could we please discuss this before you go publicly defaming me