Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Jewish "psychopath" drug dealer wears seven Noahide laws to court


This one is really stranger than fiction. Aaron Akaberi is a Brooklyn Jew who loves Noahide Rabbi Schneerson (the one who called non-Jews "satanic" [here]), but he is also a drug dealers in cocaine, LSD, marijuana, MDMA, and other “dangerous substances.”. In his first court appearance he was reprimanded for reading the Talmud in court, and so upon his 2nd appearance he decided to dress himself in newspaper that featured the writing of Rabbi Schneerson; Noahide pushing Rabbi Schneerson is lauded and raised to the level of leader of Jewry in US Public Law 101-267 (here). However, upon his head Akaberi wore a copy of the seven Noahide laws for the whole court to see. The police have described Akaberi as "extremely dangerous" and a "manipulative psychopath". I guess there is no Noahide law against taking or dealing drugs. 


The biggest weirdo in NYC this week is this guy
By Emily Saul, September 14, 2016 | 8:55pm

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