Monday, June 22, 2020

Assad's cousins signs Noahide declaration in the Golan Heights, Israel

In a bizarre twist of fate, Bashar al-Assad's cousin is a mosque leader in the Golan Heights, Israel... and he along with many other Muslims and Druze officials have worked with the Noahide organization "7for70" to sign a declaration asking for Muslims to follow the Noahide Laws. There is a great deception going on... Jews telling Muslims they may practice their religion under Noahide Law (here & here)... but surprise surprise, in the end even Islam may be considered idolatry (here).

Assad’s Cousin Approves Noahide Laws

Imam Assam Al-Khatib, leader of the Al-Ajjar Mosque in the Golan Heights, and a relative of Syria’s Prime Minister Bashir Al-Assad, is among the many Arab leaders in Israel who signed a declaration calling on all Non-Jews to follow the Seven Noahide Laws as the path to Peace in Israel ● Full Story, Pictures

In the aftermath of Israel’s “Protective Edge” operation, the team of “7for70” produced a “Declaration” calling on all Non-Jews to fulfill the Seven Noahide Laws as the path to world peace. The declaration was penned by Iyob Kara, former Knesset member representing the Druze nation in Israel.
On Monday, after meeting with the Chief Rabbi of Safed, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the delegation consisting of Mr. Kara and Rabbi Boaz Kali, director of 7for70, began their travel among Arab cities in Northern Israel.
The first stop was the home of Sheikh Qassam Sawad, from the Bedouine nation, where the delegation was greeted by Sheikh Sawad, Sheikh Amin Kablan from the city of Bet Dzhan, and Imam Assam Al-Khatib, leader of the Al-Ajjar Mosque in the Golan Heights, and a relative of Syria’s Prime Minister Bashir Al-Assad. All of them signed the declaration and agreed to establish Noahide Centers in their cities.
The next stop was the home of Ziyad Mullah in the village of Kfar Yarha, where young leaders waited for the delegation and happily signed the declaration. Also present was Mr. Sammy Bass, a merchant from Shechem, who was in Kfar Yarha for business and tried encouraging Rabbi Kali to visit Shechem, guaranteeing his safety…
While driving to their next stop, the delegation received the tragic news of the airplane crash in Switzerland which claimed the lives of three Druze residents of the village of Majjar. The delegation decided to visit Majjar to meet the mayor Mr. Ziyad Degesh, who thanked the delegation for visiting and signed the declaration.
The last stop was the city of Upper Nazareth, where the delegation met with Bishop Gabriel Naddaff of Nazareth, who signed the declaration and explained its vital importance to the safety of Israel’s residents.
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