Monday, September 16, 2019

Rabbi: Even Noahides can't be buried with Jews because of the difference in sanctity between Jews and non-Jews


The Noahide Laws set up two sets of law, one law for the Jews, and one law for the non-Jews (Noahide Law). Jews and non-Jews are unequal before the law as a non-Jew only need one victim to their so-called crime of idolatry, blasphemy, or forbidden sexual relations to be put to death, while Jews need two or three witnesses; Jews are allotted more judges than non-Jews (who only get one Judge), also Jews have more legal protections under the laws against theft than non-Jews do (here). Many people have heard that Jews have their own graveyards in which non-Jews cannot be burried. One Rabbi in an article published in the Jewish Press says that this has nothing to do with morality, he says even a non-Jew following the Noahide Laws cannot be buried with Jews, and he says this is because of the difference in sanctity between Jews and non-Jews. Even if you follow the Noahide Laws, you will never be as sacrosanct as a Jew.

May Non-Jews Be Buried In Jewish Cemeteries?


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