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Will non-Jews have to eat kosher food under Noahide Law


There is much confusion in the Noahide movement about what sorts of requirements the non-Jews must adhere to in order to stay Noahide compliant. Some Jews say non-Jews should not take on all Jewish religious practices like wearing religious Jewish garb or reading all of Jewish literature, however other Rabbis say this is ok, Noahides can take on any number Jewish traditions, but the real question is do non-Jews have to and who will decide? Apparently, there is now a debate as to whether or not non-Jews need to eat kosher food under the Noahide Laws. These laws micromanage every aspect of the non-Jew's life, whether or not it will be decided they have to eat kosher.

Audio: Can Gentiles Eat Kosher Like the Jews Do?

Here’s a million dollar question! Is it halachic for Gentiles to eat kosher?
2/15/2010, 11:59 PM

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Indeed this is only one of the million dollar questions. One that can be debated until the cows come home (pun intended) and beyond. I once asked a Jew if it was halachic for me, a Gentile, to eat kosher. The response I received was “our non Jewish friends are always welcome to choose a kosher diet. It's a healthy one, because it avoids the foods that still to this day commonly cause food poisoning, such as pork and shellfish.” This was all very nice, however, it does not answer the question as to whether we are required by Torah to eat kosher or not.
For many Rabbis it was generally thought that the answer to this question is no, Gentiles are not required to eat kosher. For some of the most knowledgeable Rabbis, on the Noahide Laws, this is not a correct answer, based upon their studies. Rabbi Chaim Richman is one of those Rabbis. He delivered a Torah teaching called Noahide Halacha at the Noahide World Conference that was most revealing. So much so that one Noahide in attendance started on his own in-depth journey of investigation to find the meaning of what eating kosher really means, especially for non-Jews.
Russell Kirk is that Noahide. Ray and Prescott discuss with Russell what he has discovered from his investigation since hearing this teaching from Rabbi Richman. You will learn many aspects about eating kosher that are guaranteed to get your attention. It is, indeed, beyond just eating in a healthy way. This million dollar question will not go away until it is understood.
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